Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The BIG UP elections.

Finally the BIG wait is over! The results of the elections of the largest state in india are out. Samajwadi party has emerged as a VICTOR defeating the BSP. The two biggest national parties BJP & INC have maintained there respective positions. I had followed these elections very closely. It was really interesting to watch all the parties putting so much at stake for this particular state election. From exaggerated promises on muslim reservation,playing the caste card to attracting the young generation,raising corruption & developmental issues and making BIG appealing promises. Each party had done it all. Media had termed UP elections as the semifinal for the government at centre. These results would be of very much importancein 2014 lok sabha elections. According to political experts Samajwadi party came as an alternative to the erstwhile mayawati government. SP managed to acquire most of the negative votes. By “negative votes” what they mean is because people didn’t want to see mayawati as CM again so they were not left with any option other than to vote for SP. When in 2007, BSP had got a landslide victory it was expected that because she hails from a poor family, she would understand the plight of poor people and would take the state to roads of development. But all she did was erecting statues statues and more statues.
Lately according to experts a tendency has been seen in the people of Uttar pradesh. They have started voting for parties alternately. SP then BSP then again SP. This they term as the tamilnaduisation of uttar pradesh. One of the big names in these  UP elections was of Rahul Gandhi. The moment he started officially campaigning in UP the sycophants of congress started talking of a huge victory for congress which was next to impossible for a party which had not tasted power in UP for past 22 years. Media also made him the hero and he received the maximum coverage. And also the way he campaigned so agressively and took on numerous meetings it appeared that instead of the party his own image was at stake. Hard work always pays off, but it did not in Rahul’s case. Obviously there are many reasons as to why the charisma of this yuvraj who belongs to the first political family of our country did not work and why people in UP rejected him totally. Probably the controversial statements of his party colleagues from time to time,the heavy doze of expectations from him,the tag of an outsider which he bears or the common man’s lack of belief in him and his party members, causes for the failure could be many. I am sure congress would surely find a solution to this malady, as it is that they don’t let go of a single opportunity to defend him and praise him in media.
The party which occupied the third position in UP was Bhartiya Janta Party. It managed to get 47 seats thus performing worse than the 2007 elections. When the counting of votes commenced it appeared that BJP would emerge as the second largest party in UP closely following Samajwadi Party. But gradually it retained its position. After ayodhya-babri masjid case there is a polarisation of votes in Uttar Pradesh. Muslims in UP consider BJP their biggest enemy. Shocking it was to see that even in places like mathura which is considered to be the BJP’s vote area, the party managed to get just few seats. Bringing Uma bharti and Sanjay Joshi back did not really help.
Akhilesh yadav, son of SP’s chief Mulayam singh yadav and the present chief minister of UP emerged as the real champion of these elections. When he was made the chief of UP’s elections it was said that even SP was following the lines of congress and starting with the concept of one-family party, but after this huge win it seems as if he has successfully proven his worth. Political analysts say that he has given rise to a new samajwad(socialism). People probably saw in him a young leader a leader of their own state unlike rahul gandhi. Media many-a-times compared Akhilesh with Rahul. Various debates and discussion took place on this. When asked akhilesh termed it as the media-invented story while Rahul chose to remain silent. On one hand where there was a lot of hype created in th media of rahul’s public display of aggression, Akhilesh throughout his campaign distanced himself from media and handled it pretty well. There are a lot of causes as to why SP won. But after the results were announced Akhilesh indisputably outshone Rahul, atleast this time.
My congratulations to the Samajwadi party for such a grand success and I sincerely hope that they would carve up a new image for themselves and live up to people’s expecations.

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